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MagnaPro House Sitting Services

Your vital and valuable investment should not be left for your neighbor to look after. MagnaPro offers a better solution while you're away on business or vacation. Take comfort knowing your home is being monitored, as well as prepped for your return by an honest, responsible and reliable Home Care Assistant. We offer our services based on your needs, whether it be daily, three times a week, or once a month. We are here to give you the peace of mind and assurance you deserve while you are away.

While You Are Away

  Retrieve mail, newspapers, flyers, and packages and store in home
  Water indoor plants
  Check door and window locks
  Rotate lights and/or music
  Adjust window treatments by opening and changing blinds
  Check sinks, toilets, water heaters and other plumbing for leaks
  Monitor thermostat to keep it adjusted for high efficiency
  Inspect for any damage after bad weather, and notify if found
  Schedule and meet with vendors to handle repairs, cleaning and more
  Weekly status reports as requested

Before You Return

  Thermostat will be adjusted for comfort
  We can also provide grocery shopping as needed

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