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The Wonders of Wash & Fold with Dry Cleaning

Free up your valuable time and eliminate the hassle of doing laundry and running to the dry cleaner by letting MagnaPro do it for you.

Your MagnaPro maid will pick up your laundry and dry cleaning then return all your cleaned items folded to perfection.

Free Pickup & Delivery on orders over $40
Let us save you valuable time and provide premium service
Gift to loved one and help them save time
Save valuable water resources
Wash & Fold Plans at just $2.75/lb.


3 Services- One Pickup & Delivery

If you're tired of running to the dry cleaners, pressing all your dress shirts, and your busy schedule makes it hard to keep up with laundry, we have the perfect solution! Let the MagnaPros do it for you.

Along with MagnaPro's professional laundry cleaning service, we offer convenient dry cleaning and dress shirt laundry cleaning services. Save yourself time and gas dropping off and picking up your items yourself. Let MagnaPro accommodate all your dry cleaning and dress shirt needs.

Freedom From Time Consuming Cleaning Work with our Maid Services

Whether you are moving, cleaning up after a party, or just making your life more pleasant, taking advantage of MagnaPro’s maid services for your home, apartment, dorm room or office. Just as our other services, you can count on personalized, reliable cleaning service at a competitive price that saves you bundles of time.


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